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Keyboard Monitoring Software That Monitor Keyboard Activity

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is program that monitor keyboard activity stealthily. With it you can discover all key stroke input from your keyboard. All visual character which other peoples typed in your computer will be recorded and saved. Every time somebody press a key, even input speed is fleet, the contents which were inputted just now will be logged and saved instantly. In order to let you know what time and what program the keystroke is inputted, when you typed the first character in a new window, it will saved current time and window title at first, and then saved input content.


In the interaction between humans and computers. Keyboard played an important role. we could judge computer skill of somebody by seeing if they are good at using keyboard. Some computer hackers can operate their keyboard substitute the operation that common man must used mouse to finish. It is frustrating to have to pull your right hand away from your keyboard to reposition a cursor with the mouse, only to have to return to the keyboard position again. It goes to show you keyboard monitoring software is so important if you need to monitor computer activities. This tool helps you to know all keyboard activities secretly.

Extra Useful Functions of Keyboard Monitoring Software

The programs that monitoring keyboard activity is the software many people looking for. in fact, watching keystroke logs are cheerless because keylogger file is untogether. Because scientific research has proven that people prefer to look at pictures than read text information. Pictures can express more details and easy to understand. So our software provide some useful function including screen monitoring, etc.

1, Screen Monitoring When we use computer, we input information with keyboard and computer feed back information with monitor. When the person whom we want to monitor chatted online, we can know the chat conversation content that send from the local computer with keyboard monitoring software, but we cann’t know what contents have received that send from the other side. With screen monitoring, we can know exactly what have shown in computer desktop. Our software captures screen shots regularly. You can set it suspends working when the mouse and keyboard is idle for a appointed time span, and when somebody moves or clicks the mouse or strokes keyboard, it will proceed with the work immediately. This greatly reduce useless pictures which will waste your hard disk space.

2, Send Logs to Your Own Email Box Many people are searching for a method to realize how to remote monitor other peoples’ keyboard activities. With Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger, you can do it easily, but it based on the premise that you should install the spy software by yourself bodily.




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