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LAN Spy Monitoring Software for Dual-Monitors, Multi-Monitors

LAN Employee Monitor is a cool spy software for manager to monitor all the computers in the LAN. But many LAN Monitoring Software only can monitor the computers which has one monitor. LAN Employee Monitor is the only program which support monitor multi-monitors. You can monitor the two screens just like there are two computers. The two desktop will lies before you. About more feature of this software, you can download the trial version to try it before you purchase it.


Maybe it is just save money or easy to control, now many computers has dual monitors (dual screens). You can use one mouse and keyboard to control these two desktops. About how monitor the computer which has dual monitor, LAN Employee Monitor is your best choice. You need to install two special agent software in the computer which has multi-monitors ( You can't use this function before you purchased it). If you need to use this function, after you buy it, you need contact us via email support@mysuperspy.com to tell us you need this function. Then we will send you the custom software and the installation guide.

By the way. LAN Employee Monitor support diskless monitor. Even if all the computer have not disk, you can use our software to monitor all the screens. But because the diskless monitor need our developer to teach you how to use it. So you need pay extra $200 to use this function. If you need the feature of non-disk monitor. Please contact us before you purchase it.




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