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Computer Usage Monitoring Software

If you want to know what others have done on your computer, you only need to install computer usage monitoring software in your own PC. As is well known, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger ranks first among similar software. Free to try, cheap price, easy to use are three frequent comments that be mentioned. If you want to know the process of computer operation, look at the computer screen is the most immediate way. Our software records screenshots automatically every once in a while. If you feel screenshot won’t be able to accommodate you, you can use our Spy Monitor Screen Recorder software which will record PC screen activities as movie. You can download it at the homepage of this site.


Now tens of thousands of parents are using our software to track computer usage with their child at home. Generally, when parents are not at home, kids will do something that is not fit for young person in computer without scruple. With computer usage monitoring software, parents will no longer be of any concern to children.

Some reviews of our computer usage monitoring software

Ailsa: I am a mother in Mississippi. My son is fourteen years old. He is careless in life and he is rotten in computers. I don’t hope he can amount to much. I want to know what have he done in computer. I think it will bring trouble on himself if he is rotten in computer always. On the recommendation of my very close friend, I installed computer spy monitor keylogger in my son’s computer secretly. With it, I discover that he talked with his classmate frequently. Once he said to his classmate that he don’t want to stay at home because I am too fierce. After this day, I often take him to play in the park. Step by step, we became good friends. I felt confident in my son.

Amber: I am a father of thirteen years old girl. My wife and I were divorced last year. I'd brought up our only child. Recently, I found my daughter always chat in computer midnight. Then I found your software in internet. To my surprise, with your software I know she fair in love with a old man. Now I have cut off their communication, thanks for your best PC usage monitoring software.



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